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elbdigital is an owner-managed agency near the Elbe in the beautiful city of Hamburg (Germany). It all began 2001 with fascination for the Internet and all the things that can be done online. Since than we were able to gain our experience from our own projects, work-experience at global companies like Google and Facebook and of course our work at elbdigital. We just love the Internet and so we use this passion to build new products for the community as well as sharing our knowledge through our agency with partners, friends and other entrepeneurs. elbdigital is just a different kind of agency. Lead by its owners with a highly experienced team of designers, developers and strategists we develop new exciting projects every day. Besides helping big brands all over world we focus a lot of our efforts on helping other (young) entrepeneurs with examining their ideas, writing powerful business plans to creating and optimizations of their web applications. Since we are kind of entrepeneurs ourself we see it as our duty to also help the community with cost-efficient help. Never hesitate to contact us. We provide you with answers to all questions, even without an order. Send us a message and we will contact you immediately. If you want to know more follow us at our Blog, Facebook or Twitter!


Meet Us

elbdigital is lead by its owners Weddad Naziri (CEO) and Bartholomäus Grzywna (CSO). Together we have successfully managed many websites and gained lots of work experience at companies like Google and Facebook.

Weddad Naziri

Co-Founder, CEO

Bartholomäus Grzywna

Co-Founder, CSO

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